Our digital banking experience is smooth, quick and easy.  Here are a few of the benefits:

  • SMOOTH experience with the seamless integration of Bill Pay and Online Banking
  • QUICK access to your accounts and features from all devices
  • EASY money transfer tools all in one place
  • CONVENIENT management of your card accounts from all devices
  • ENHANCED security tools as well as Apple Biometric/Android Fingerprint available

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General FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements for my Username and Password?

A: Usernames must be unique, between 6 and 20 characters in length, and include alpha and numeric characters. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters and include upper case and lower case alpha and numeric characters.

Q: How do I change my User ID and Password?

A: To change your User ID and/or Password, log into Online Banking. Click on the “Settings” option by hovering on your name on the main page. From the “Settings” menu, select the “Security” tab. You can then adjust your Username or Password by selecting “Edit” next to what you’d like to change. You will then need to verify your account in order for the saved changes to take effect.

Q: How do I find my High Rewards Checking status?

A: Log into Online Banking and open the High Reward Checking widget.

Q: Will “Special Savings Accounts” descriptions display in Online Banking?

A: Yes they will display in Online Banking.

Q: Can an address be updated to a P. O. Box in Online Banking?

A: No, you will need to contact the Call Center ( option 4) in order to have this information updated.

Q: How long will a blocked debit card display in Online Banking?

A: A blocked debit card will stay blocked as long as the debit card is not expired.

Q: Is there a wait period before I can use Snap Deposit in Mobile Banking?

A: Yes, you must be a Member with Inter American Trust Bank for at least 30 days before you can begin using Snap Deposit in Mobile Banking.

Q: Will older mobile devices be able to access Online Banking?

A: Yes, there are mobile applications for IOS and Android devices. Other phones that don’t have mobile applications can access Online Banking by visiting the site URL from a mobile device. Check your browser compatibility.

Q: Will Design Your Own Card work in Mobile Banking?

A: No, currently Design Your Own Card will not work from a mobile device.

Q: If I customize my widgets on desktop, will those changes display in Mobile Banking?

A: No, you will need to make the changes on each platform. Some widgets cannot be moved in Mobile Banking.

Q: How do I adjust my biometric settings?

A: Turning on/off biometric settings is done by enabling “Quick Login”. To turn off your biometric settings, go into “Settings” within Online Banking, then go to “Security” and delete your ‘PIN Enabled Device’.


Check out our quick User Guide, or see below for How To Guides specific to your product. Learn different ways you can download your banking transactions into Quicken.

Q: What versions of Quicken does Inter American Trust Bank support?
A:You can download your transaction history to:

  • Quicken for Mac 2015-2017
  • Quicken for Windows 2013-2017

Q: What kind of technical support does Inter American Trust Bank provide for Quicken?
A:We can help you troubleshoot issues around downloading your transaction history from an Inter American Trust Bank account. For other technical assistance, please visit Quicken Support.

Q: What type of Inter American Trust Bank account information can I download?
A:You can download the transaction history for the following types of accounts:

  • Checking and Savings Accounts: previous 12 months
  • Credit Cards: previous 12 months
  • Consumer loans: previous 12 months
  • Mortgages & Home Equity Lines of Credit: not available

Q: How current is the information I download to Quicken?
A:The data you download is from the close of business the previous day. We typically post new information to accounts each night, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Q: What connection method can I use in Quicken to access my Inter American Trust Bank accounts?
A:We support Express Web Connect and Web Connect. For more information, please visit Quicken Support.

Q: What credentials do I provide to access my Inter American Trust Bank accounts in Quicken through Express Web Connect?
A:The credentials that Quicken prompts you for will vary based on your software version and the type of account you want to download. With this method, enter your Inter American Trust Bank Online/Mobile Banking username when prompted for a User ID, User Name, Online ID, Customer ID or something similar. Then, enter your Online/Mobile Banking password when prompted for a password. Inter American Trust Bank may require that additional security questions be answered correctly to establish access.

Q: Why did my Inter American Trust Bank account activity stop updating in Quicken?
A:The reasons vary based on your connection method, but here are some of the most common:

  • One or more of the credentials you use to log on to Inter American Trust Bankccu.org — your username, password, security questions or security answers — was changed.
  • Your access to Inter American Trust Bankccu.org has been suspended. Please note that invalid login attempts by Quicken due to incorrect credentials may cause your online access to be suspended.
  • There's a period of unusually high traffic volume on Inter American Trust Bankccu.org.

If you decide to access Inter American Trust Bankccu.org with one of our enhanced logon options like Code via SMS, Email or VoiceCall, you'll still need to have security questions configured and enabled connect to Quicken. You can call option 4 for help.

Q: How much does it cost to access my Inter American Trust Bank account information through Quicken?
A:Inter American Trust Bank does not charge you to use Quicken to access your account information.

Q: Can I pay my bills and transfer funds with my Inter American Trust Bank accounts through Quicken?
A:No. However, you can use our free transfer and bill pay services by logging on at Inter American Trust Bankccu.org or via our mobile app, or by calling option 4.

Q: Does Inter American Trust Bank support QuickBooks?
A:Yes, we support QuickBooks for Windows and Mac as well as QuickBooks Online.

Q: Will Inter American Trust Bank be able to assist with Quicken/QuickBooks inquiries?
A:Inter American Trust Bank employees will assist with Quicken inquiries to the extent which we can. Should you need additional assistance, please visit the Quicken Support website at www.quicken.com/support#windows.

External Transfers

Check out our User Guide for External Transfers.

Q: Can we see external account balances in Online Banking?

A: No, you will not be able to see balances for external accounts.

Q: Can External Transfers be completed in Mobile Banking?

A: Yes, you can complete External Transfers in Mobile Banking.

Bill Pay

Check out our User Guide for our new Bill Pay.

Learn more about Bill Pay Tips and Workarounds.

Q: I'm unable to add a new payee and receive an error message. What should I do?

A: First, confirm that the payee name you are using is not longer than 30 characters, which is the max allowable. Next, make sure you do not have a payee set up with an identical name. If you still need assistance please call .

Q: Why can't I access Bill Pay?

A: If you receive an error about not being able to connect to Bill Pay, check your email address and confirm it is valid. Our core system allows email addresses of up to 40 characters, and many members who have reported this issue had email addresses longer than 40 characters which caused the end of the email address to cut off and therefore be invalid.

Q: How far back is Bill Pay history available?

A: We will convert six months of Bill Pay history into the new Online Banking.

Q: Can I add a Bill Payee using Mobile Banking?

A: Yes, new Bill Payees can be added using a mobile device.